Embros Creative is the creative brother-team made up of author James Mark Miller, and artist Jefferson Miller. They're the guys behind such creations as A Small Fiction & Dear Toadington.

If you need to reach these guys, especially for business reasons: theguys@embroscreative.com

For press inquiries, follow this link to our press kit

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A Small Fiction is a project by James Mark Miller, with the goal to write one new micro-fiction story every day. The first hardcover collection of illustrated stories was published on October 18th, 2018 and is available here.

→ Go to asmallfiction.com to find out more.

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Dear Toadington is a full-page webcomic telling the daring tales of child-like wizards, frat house robots, lumberjack friends and more.

→ Go to deartoadington.com to find out more.


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If you have questions we still haven't answered, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.